We’ve decided that we won’t be holding the Llangorse Lake Big Swim in 2021.   We’re very sorry for all of you who were really looking forward to it but we hope that we’ll be back when it’s possible to hold this special swim once again. There are a number of reasons for our decision but, most importantly, we want to be able to give every competitor a full refund and honour the deposits we’ve paid to our suppliers.  It’s been a horrible year for us all and everybody is in a different position.  If we’d have gone ahead and started planning the 2021 event then we would have had to start spending money early next year and that would have been difficult.  The essence of the Llangorse Lake Big Swim is that it’s a community event done with the full support of everybody involved.  We want to be able to relax in groups on the banks of a healthy lake and not be overwhelmed by restrictions.  Having a break is also important for the wildlife and habitat of the lake. All of you who deferred will receive a full refund

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please follow us on social media where we’ll let you know about events happening in and around Llangorse, swimming events and Ian’s Atlantic rowing challenge next year.  Best wishes and happy swimming from the Llangorse Lake Big Swim team 


Big Swim 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we’ve decided to cancel the Llangorse Lake Big Swim this year. We were always hopeful that the virus would be under control enough for restrictions to be lifted by September but, as we write this, we are still on Covid alert level 4 with an R number of 1. Currently the sailing club and common at Llangorse are still out of bounds. Due to the major flooding and then coronavirus, it hasn’t been possible to enter the clubhouse or go on to the lake since February.   This means the normal weed management hasn’t been able to take place and the club are predicting that the recent hot weather will have caused major weed growth and possibly algae bloom. This may mean that swimming is not possible even when the restrictions are lifted. 

We had come up with ways that we could keep the swimmers segregated and safe for registration and at the entry and exit point but, with current restrictions, it would put a major strain on our safety crews and volunteers to look after you whilst you are in the water.  it would also have prevented us from allowing you to laze around, enjoying the tea, coffee, cake and banter which is part of what makes the day so special. We were holding off from cancelling the swim as we hoped some sort of event would be possible and we’d be able to help the local businesses and clubs of Llangorse as normal.  In these uncertain times it’s essential that we protect the health of the residents of Llangorse and the surrounding areas so to encourage people to travel there from around the UK would be irresponsible and unfair.

For all of you who have entered the swim we are able to offer you a full refund or a transfer to the 2021 event.  Please email us and let us know what you’d prefer.  To our volunteers, friends and businesses of Llangorse we thank you for your continued support and hope we’re able to boost the local economy next year. 

Stay safe and we hope to see you in 2021 Nicola 


Temperature and disease control

The temperature in the 1500m loop is 17 degrees. In the creek it’s 15 degrees as it’s shaded. There is a 100m swim out to the start so you’ll be able to acclimatise.

Please make sure that all your kit, wetsuits and equipment is completely dry before entering the water. Unfortunately there’s been a suspected outbreak of Crayfish plague on the Cwm y Caddo, a tributary of the Monnow, and it’s essential that this isn’t spread elsewhere. It’s carried as spores on wet kit and in mud.


Mugs not medals

This year all swimmers will receive a reusable drinks cup instead of a medal when they finish the swim. We’ve been thinking about this for a while as it’s dificult to get British made eco-friendly medals. We loved the Afanc design on the medals but they came in individual tiny plastic bags (grr) and were made in China. We hope you’ll love the cups and collect them year after year. They’ll also be super useful as you can go straight to the tea/coffee/not chocolate and cakes!


Added extras

We’re really pleased to have had so many swimmers, water lovers and outdoor junkies contact us during the past few weeks.  This year we’re delighted to have swimming specialists Selkie joining us with a tent full of their new products and loads of sale items. Photojournalism student Amy Gibbons will also be featuring many of our swimmers in her project focusing on lake swimmers. There will be the normal supply of unlimited tea, coffee, biscuits and cake for the swimmers plus something very special is happening on the lake. We can’t tell you any more but you won’t be able to miss it.  See you all on September 15th.  Nicola and the Big Swim team……